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     Parish works at the university as a grounds keeper and lives next to an old, rusty train bridge. He knows more than one would think about trees and he knows more than any one in the world about transferring souls from one body to another using mystical, ancient artifacts too. Mainly because he has actually witnessed this happen a few times. He wasn’t looking for the Arc of Souls but he found it just the same and now the cops, the mafia and even the government might be looking for him. If he hadn’t been caught spying on his pretty neighbor and her dog he wouldn’t have gotten himself in to this mess in the first place.



                                      Victor Frasco


     I grew up in the west suburbs of Chicago, the flatlands. From my rooftop I cold see the tallest building on the planet at the time and the shimmering outline of skyscrapers on the distant horizon bathed in a halo of electric light. As soon as I got my drivers license I headed downtown and from the top of that tall tower I would look out over the vast grid in the direction of my childhood home. The freezing winters and boiling summers tempered my spirit for both the kindness of working class people and the brutality of the big city. After a trip to San Francisco I realized the west coast was where I needed to go to escape. I tried Living in Los Angeles but LA fit me like a denim tuxedo so I ran back home to the Pabst Blue Ribbon beer and tavern pool tables. It wasn’t until a road trip to the Pacific North-west that I was introduced to, and fell in love with, Seattle. Since April 2005 I have been in Seattle and even after seven years my soul is still elevated by each sight of Mt. Rainer. On any given day it’s easy to find me in one of the few cafes where I can see a view of both the mystical Cascade mountain range and the atomic age Space-needle from where I sit with a cup of coffee, a pen and paper, and my imagination.           


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